BSB session at the Bar Conference - Saturday 6 November

The BSB workshop will cover the changes in regulation brought about by the Legal Services Act 2007 and the new regulatory entities that affect the profession, including the Bar Standards Board, Legal Services Board and the Office of Legal Complaints.

It will provide an opportunity to learn about the developments being instigated by each regulatory organisation that affect barristers’ practices; considering alternative business structures and entity regulation, complaints handling by chambers and the new Legal Ombudsman, equality and diversity, and issues from the consumer perspective which are increasingly important as public access grows and new structures become possible. Delegates will be offered a regulatory perspective of the issues that will require changes in how barristers structure their practices and the new or enhanced accountability that will result.

Lord Mackay

Baroness Ruth Deech DBE – Chair, Bar Standards Board
Elizabeth France - Chair, Office of Legal Complaints
David Edmonds – Chair, Legal Services Board
Baroness Dianne Hayter – Chair, Legal Services Board’s Consumer Panel