BSB publish equality objectives

The BSB is required, by the Equality Act 2010 Specific Duties Regulations, to publish one or more objectives which meet any strand of the general equality duty. The general duty requires public bodies to pay due regard to the need to:
  • eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation;
  • advance equality of opportunity between different groups; and
  • foster good relations between different groups.

The regulations state that the objectives must be published prior to 6 April 2012 and subsequently within four year intervals - beginning with the date of last publication. The BSB will review and re-publish objectives on an annual basis beginning in April 2013.

The BSB has developed 10 objectives in total; 7 external objectives which focus on the profession and 3 internal objectives, agreed with the Bar Council, relating to BSB and Bar Council staff.

The detailed list of our equality objectives, including rationale and timescales for completion, can be downloaded at:–-publication-of-equality-objectives/

If you have any questions about our equality objectives please contact Jessica Bradford, Senior Equality Policy Officer, on 020 7242 0082.