Representatives of the Bar have voiced their commitment to support the UK as it restructures its relationship with the EU following the Brexit vote and have declared their faith in London as a leading centre for international dispute resolution.

52% of UK voters chose to leave the EU in the referendum. Prime Minister David Cameron resigned following the “Leave” vote.

The Chairman of the Bar, Chantal-Aimée Doerries QC, says: “The Bar of England and Wales is ready to assist in an achieving an orderly restructuring of the UK’s relationship with the EU in the coming months and beyond. The long-term effect of Brexit on the legal services sector’s contribution to the UK economy will depend significantly on the nature and terms of the post-Brexit relationship with the EU. Despite all the turbulence, however, I am confident that London will remain a leading centre for international dispute resolution. The reputation of barristers and our judiciary overseas, beyond the EU, is very high and I expect it will remain so in the years to come. We shall continue to work closely with our partners in European Bar Associations. ”

The Chairman of the Young Barristers’ Committee, Louisa Nye, says: “I am currently attending the European Young Bar Association’s AGM in Dusseldorf, and this reflects the Young Bar’s commitment to maintaining a good working relationship with the European market. The Young Bar is committed to engaging with other European lawyers regarding the changes that will be taking place. The Young Barristers’ Committee is confident that the quality of advocacy and legal service provision in the jurisdiction will not be undermined by today’s results, and London will remain a leading centre for international dispute resolution.”