The Bar’s regulator has published a revised version of the Professional Statement listing the skills and knowledge required by barristers in England and Wales.

The 36-page document, says the Bar Standards Board (BSB), sets out the minimum standards required from ‘day one’ of being issued with a practising certificate.

Among them is the requirement to ‘exercise good English language skills’. The document says: ‘They will have an effective command of the language and be able to use it appropriately, accurately and fluently so as to handle complex and detailed argumentation.’

In addition, barristers will ‘use correct English grammar, spelling and punctuation’ and should ‘use correct and appropriate vocabulary, English grammar, spelling and punctuation in all communications’ and ‘speak fluent English’.

Other requirements include upholding the reputation of the Bar and observing their duty to the court in the administration of justice, as well the ability to make sound judgements and ensure they are fully prepared.

A BSB spokesperson said: ‘The additional Threshold Standard and Competences clearly set out the thinking behind the broader Professional Statement.

‘Key aspects... include being familiar with the BSB Code of Conduct, continuing professional development and issues relating to equality and access to justice.’

The Statement will underpin the future system of Bar training, currently being consulted on.