Barrister member of the QC Selection Panel: call for nominations

The Chairman of the Bar is responsible for appointing the two barrister members of the QC Selection Panel. Roy Amlot QC was appointed to the Panel in 2005 as a founder member of the new Selection Process. He has par ticipated in three demanding and highly
successful selection Rounds, with the results of the third Round expected to be announced shor tly. Roy will be leaving the Panel at the end of the third Round, and the purpose of this note is to seek nominations for his successor. The second barrister member, Jean Ritchie QC, will continue to serve on the Panel.

A number of other changes to the Panel are imminent. The Directors of QCA Ltd will soon be interviewing to select a new Chair of the Panel, to succeed Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss GBE. One of the first tasks of the new Chair will be to select by open competition two new lay members for the Panel. At the same time, the President of the Law Society will be selecting a new solicitor member for the Panel. Taken together, there will be four new members of the nine-person Panel required for the next selection Round, which we hope will be open for applications in March 2009.

Desmond Browne QC is keen to ensure that he has as diverse a selection of candidates as possible for the barrister vacancy. He is therefore seeking applications from barristers, and suggestions from the Bar of individual barristers who will carry the confidence both of the profession and of the other high-calibre members of the Panel. Individuals should be Queen’s Counsel who are universally respected as outstanding practitioners in their field, or senior employed barristers who have reached the highest level.

The successful candidate will be expected to serve for at least two annual Rounds, and will receive appropriate daily remuneration for what will continue to be a demanding and fascinating task. The commitment will be for some 30 days’ work for each Round (with the bulk of the work falling either side of the summer recess), and we hope that each future Round will fit within an annual cycle from April to March. Fur ther details of the Selection Process can be found

If you wish to apply, or know of individuals who are suitable and likely to be willing to commit the time, please contact Desmond Browne QC, either by writing to him at the Bar Council (289-293 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7HZ), or by email to, by 6 March 2009