Three cities were visited – Seoul, Shanghai and Beijing – each identified as a legal market of importance for the Bar. Supported by local Bar associations, the Bar Council held a legal seminar and high-profile networking event in each city, where delegates had the opportunity to show the breadth of expertise at the Bar to representatives from local legal sectors who attended the events, and to gain valuable contacts. The delegation also visited law firms in each city, disseminating information on the work of barristers.

The highlight of the Seoul visit was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Bar Council and the Korean Bar Association. The MoU sets out a framework for co-operation including knowledge exchange on practice issues of mutual interest, and affirms the intention to develop a close relationship between the two Bars.

In China, the Bar Council met with the Shanghai BarAssociation, the Beijing Lawyers’ Association and the All China Lawyers’ Association. The meetings consolidated the longstanding relationship of the Bar Council with Chinese lawyers and support was renewed by the Chinese Bar associations for the Bar Council’s Training Scheme for Young Chinese Lawyers.