Those who have successfully registered their pupillage will receive a confi rmation email, which also outlines the requirements of the compulsory pupils’ courses, as well as a copy of the pupillage handbook.

Completing pupillage
For those pupils completing pupillage and wishing to take up a 3rd six, tenancy, squatting or a position as an employed
barrister, they will need to be issued with a full qualifi cation certifi cate, certifying completion of pupillage, as well as a Full Practising Certifi cate from the Bar Council Records Office.

In order to be issued with a full qualifi cation certifi cate, pupils must submit to the BSB:

  • a certifi cate of satisfactory completion of pupillage signed by all of their pupil supervisors during their 2nd six as well as the Head of Chambers/Director of Pupil Training;
  • a completed checklist including a specialist area checklist signed by all their pupil supervisors and the Head of Chambers/Director of Pupil Training.

Signed certificates and completed checklists should be sent to: Karen Bayley, Bar Standards Board, 289-293 High Holborn, London WC1V 7HZ (DX 240 LDE). Pupils are encouraged to submit a signed scanned version of these documents by email to

Pupils must also ensure that the compulsory pupils’ courses have been satisfactorily completed during pupillage and that the BSB has been notifi ed of any changes in pupil supervisors by submitting a notifi cation of material change form.

If you have any queries about completion of pupillage, please contact the Compliance Team on 0207 611 1444 or by email