The Bar Guide, now in its 4th edition, describes the services barristers offer to the US legalmarket through an editorial section, and amarketing section to which you are able to contribute by way of an article or a straight advert. The editorial section will give an overviewof the Bar and explain how to instruct a barrister fromabroad. It will then focus on arbitration in theMiddle East and how bar expertise can be used in this respect, the English bar as a gateway to Europe and EU law and the Bar’s expertise in relation to issues arising fromthe “credit crunch”; all to showcase the expertise the bar can offer American and other international clients. The Bar Guide will be distributed to its subscribers – a total readership of 150,000, consisting of partners at the top 250 US law firms that work internationally and General Counsel at the Fortune 1000. The guidewill also go to the offices of every US law firmin London and therewill be extensive distribution at this year’s IBA conference in Buenos Aires, attended by probably 3-4000 leading international practitioners. We would urge you to take part in this excellent opportunity to promote the Bar internationally. Formore information please contact the London office of The American Lawyer as follows:
Danny Collins - 020 7316 9547
Anne-Marie Judge - 020 7316 9426