2011 CPD requirements

All practising barristers should have returned their 2011 CPD record card to our offices by 31 January 2012. If you have not returned your record card, please send it though to our offices as a matter of urgency. We encourage all practitioners to email a signed PDF copy of their record card to cpdrecords@barstandardsboard.org.uk. If you are posting your record card please ensure that you use the correct address and the latest version of the CPD record card.

Practitioners are reminded that the CPD year operates on a calendar year basis and any practitioner who completes CPD hours for the 2011 requirement in 2012 will have to apply for an extension of time through the Qualifications Committee.

Data Protection and your CPD record

Information about the status of your CPD record may be shared with your clerk/chambers administration team for the purposes of administration and compliance. Please indicate if you do not consent to this information sharing.