I am also pleased that the number of successful women applicants remains high. It is disappointing that we have not been able to recommend more solicitors or employed advocates, after the higher number of appointments last year. But all applicants are assessed against a common competency framework and a common standard of excellence. There are no quotas, and we treat all applications in the same way. I hope that there will be further appointments in future years. On a personal basis I should also like to express my thanks and appreciation to Sir Paul Kennedy who is standing down as a Panel member. We are publishing a short report giving further information about this year's competition, with statistical information relating to successful and unsuccessful applicants. It will be available on our website.’ The Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, Rt. Hon. Jack Straw MP, announced the names of 129 Queen’s Counsel from 275 applicants.

The 129 (47% of all applicants) appointed this year included: 20 women applicants (43% of the 46 who applied). In the previous competition 16 women (55% of 29) were appointed; 17 applicants who declared an ethnic origin other than white (49% of the 35 who applied, 13% of all applicants), a higher proportion than in the previous competition when 4 applicants (27%) were appointed; 1 solicitor advocate (10% of the 10 who applied). In 2009 4 applications were received of whom 3 (75%) were appointed and 6 applicants aged 55 or over (24% of this age group) as at the closing date for applications(compared to 5 applicants (20%) in 2009)

You will find a full list of names in the main pages of Counsel magazine.