The Crown Prosecution Service has successfully retained its place on Working Families’ list of the top ten family-friendly and flexible employers in the UK for a seventh year in a row.

A CPS spokesperson said: ‘Being awarded a position in the top 10 demonstrates our continued efforts to make the CPS an even better place to work, ensuring our culture and policies create a supportive environment for our staff.’

Jane van Zyl, CEO of Working Families, said: ‘We are delighted with the standard of entries for this year’s Top Employers for Working Families list. These employers show they are leading the way in building family-friendly and flexible workplaces in the UK and are already ahead of the curve when it comes to implementing the changes needed to comply with the new flexible working legislation coming into practice next year.’ 

Working Families is a national charity for working parents and carers. Employers were assessed using Working Families’ Benchmark and scored on four key areas to build a comprehensive picture of their flexible and family-friendly policies and practices that specifically support parents and carers: 

  • integration to organisational strategy – culture, attitude and how far flexible and family-friendly working practices are embedded; 
  • policy – creation, development and deployment of flexible and family-friendly working policies and their take-up; 
  • consistent practice – how well flexible and family-friendly working is supported; and  
  • evidence and statistics – effects of flexible and family-friendly working on the organisation, and their ability to understand those effects. 

The charity captured the experience of over 330,000 UK employees across the organisations that took part.

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