Chambers have always produced reams of documents – and even as we continue to digitise, that won’t change. Comprehensive, accurate documentation is the backbone of legal practice, but the shift away from paper means firms need to embrace digital ways of producing briefs, contracts, notes and correspondence.

This digital transformation will look different for every chambers and law firm. And with a hybrid office/remote working setup likely to persist after COVID-19 restrictions end, it will also look different for every barrister, solicitor, paralegal and clerk. However, less than half of respondents to a recent Atlas Cloud survey said their employers had helped them make adequate provisions for long-term home working. It’s clear that leaders still have some important strategic decisions to make – and quickly. 

With many downsizing or even closing offices, there’s a renewed focus on introducing technologies that refine and replace manual processes, help lawyers and support staff work more flexibly, and ensure compliance with an ever-evolving list of regulations.

In our recent survey, legal professionals told us they spend as much as three hours a day simply typing out notes, documents, and correspondence for clients. That’s three hours they could spend on higher-value billable tasks, accelerating turnaround times to set their practice apart and boost client satisfaction.

When you’re too busy to type – just talk 

More than 80% of legal professionals are already considering speech recognition technology to overcome this challenge – a sure sign that they’re prioritising efficiency for their teams. But despite growing adoption rates, it’s a market crowded with underperforming freeware tools; there are very few speech-to-text systems available that can handle the rigours of legal work.

Our professional-grade speech-to-text engine helps turn hours of manual work into a process that’s as intuitive as simply recording your thoughts. Dragon Professional Anywhere can help you produce documentation and correspondence up to three times faster than typing, ideal for busy legal professionals looking for a faster, more cost-effective alternative to transcription services. It sits on top of the applications you use every day, providing fully encrypted speech-to-text wherever and whenever you need to create or edit a document with your voice – in the office, at home, or when you’re visiting a client.

Dragon Professional Anywhere isn’t just faster. It’s easy to tailor to the intricacies of law, with a customisable dictionary where you can add the legal terms, names, and acronyms that you use daily. It provides up to 99% accuracy that improves the more you use the tool, adjusting to your accent and specific vocabulary. You can even create verbal shortcuts that automatically insert long phrases, boilerplate, or your signature – whatever you need to make your working day simpler, faster, and more efficient.

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