Young Bar

Funding the future

Nathalie Lieven QC provides an update on this year’s Pupillage Matched Funding Scheme This year marks the fourth round of the Pupillage Matched Funding Scheme.  read more

Starting out: part 2

In the second of this two-part finance guide for the self-employed Bar, the Young Barristers’ Committee looks at payment term Part 1 of this finance guide discussed payment... read more

Starting out: part 1

Perplexed over financial matters? The Young Bar Toolkit is here to help turn confusion to clarity, as the Young Barristers’ Committee explains in this two-part finance guide for the self-... read more

Sound footings

As well as being a barrister, remember you are an unpaid tax collector, says Tony Reynolds, who advises best financial practice from the start of your legal career HMRC has... read more

Young Bar leaders

Louisa Nye, of Landmark... read more

Reflections on the future of the Young Bar

Daniel Sternberg reports back from this year’s Young Bar Conference Over 150 employed and self-employed barristers and law students gathered on 17 October 2015 for the 11th... read more

Making the Cut

As the pupillage interviewing season commences, a leading criminal set describes how it runs the recruitment process Like most chambers, our junior tenants are almost always recruited from our own... read more

Mixing it Up

Pupils can follow more than one path to the Bar, advises Melissa Coutino. Split pupillages enable pupils to spend time with an employer and in chambers. They can be an attractive option for all, she... read more

The Key to Success?

A pupil gives her impression of the pupillage interview process and the insight it provides into life in chambers Pupillage: without a doubt the most daunting and challenging hurdle to be overcome... read more