New beginnings

The Bar Council is preparing for what the future might look like outside the European Union, under a new Prime Minister and a new Lord Chancellor, writes the Chairman... read more

Legal challenges to follow EU Brexit vote

Lawyers have been gearing themselves up in the wake of the EU referendum to ensure any eventual UK withdrawal is achieved lawfully. read more

Brexit: The Article 50 ‘trigger’

  Nick Barber, Tom Hickman and Jeff King argue that Parliament has an indispensable role in triggering withdrawal from the European Union As a matter of domestic... read more

Brexit: A new relationship

Evanna Fruithof, Alexandria Carr and Gordon Nardell QC set out possible models for the UK’s relationship with the EU post-Brexit Following the vote to leave on 23 June, the... read more

Hostile environment

As the nation grapples with the impact of Brexit on migration, Ronan Toal briefs readers on the major revisions already introduced by the Immigration Act 2016 Back in 2002... read more

Brexit: Bar voices commitment to support UK restructure

Representatives of the Bar have voiced their commitment to support the UK as it restructures its relationship with the EU following the Brexit vote and have... read more

EU REFERENDUM SPECIAL: A relationship study

Evanna Fruithof sets the context to the referendum debate with a retrospective and prospective analysis of the UK-EU relationship In January 1973, with the entry into force... read more
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EU REFERENDUM SPECIAL: A substantial and binding reform

Professor Sir Alan Dashwood QC assesses the substance and legal character of the reform package negotiated for the UK with the EU This article examines the ‘new settlement... read more

EU REFERENDUM SPECIAL: The EU debate: in or out?

Rhodri Thompson QC presents the case for the UK remaining in the EU & Martin Howe QC presents the case for the UK leaving the EU THE IN ARGUMENT:  read more

Westminster Watch

Whether the Inners or Outers win the day, the long-standing internecine fighting over Europe will not go away, writes Mark Hatcher In less than three months’ time the... read more