Westminster Watch

Rule of law and judicial independence are critical to the maintenance of a healthy body politic as we face some of the greatest challenges of our time, writes Mark Hatcher... read more

Brexit in court

Professor Michael Zander QC assesses the High Court decision and predicts the government is likely to lose its appeal to the Supreme Court Asked on the day for a first... read more

Brave new world

How will losing passporting rights affect the UK’s financial services sector? Saima Hanif argues that the equivalence regime is not a satisfactory alternative As the... read more

Great Repeal Bill and Brexit challenge ahead

The Prime Minister announced that a Great Reform Bill will be included in next year’s Queen’s Speech to repeal the European Communities Act 1972. read more

Westminster Watch

Mark Hatcher on the Great Repeal Bill, legal black holes and bonfires of red tape that will dominate Whitehall and Westminster for the foreseeable future The Foreign Office... read more

Unclogging the court

Brexit provides new context for the UK’s role in the Council of Bar and Law Societies of Europe – particularly its scrutiny of the European Court of Human Rights’ excessive caseload, as ... read more

Justice in the digital age

A bold ‘hi-tech’ vision for the future of HMCTS shouldn’t ignore that access to justice is being steadily eroded by ‘enhanced’ court fees and the radical cuts to legal aid... read more

EU law could be ‘50-year blip’ on life of common law: Neuberger

The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) has had a ‘beneficial’ effect on UK judges, but Brexit could render it a ‘bliplet’ on the common law, the President of the Supreme Court said. read more

Brexit public access boost

Statistics from a sample of more than 9,000 individual searches made between 1 January and 1 August this year revealed that EU law was one of the most popular searches on the Bar Council’s... read more

Westminster Watch

Westminster village begins to recover its equilibrium after the EU vote, grappling with the machinery of change and arrangements to scrutinise Brexit policy In 1886 the... read more