Choice of law post-Brexit

Will Brexit reduce London’s dominance as a litigation centre? Michael McParland QC examines the potential impact on use of English jurisdiction and choice of law agreements... read more

Brexit justice priorities

Protecting cross-border legal practice rights must be a priority in the government’s Brexit negotiations, according to a high profile cross-party committee. read more

The Brexit Papers

In a welter of longer treatises, the Bar’s Brexit Papers have been described as ‘gold dust’. Written in the public interest to inform and guide the negotiations ahead, Hugh Mercer QC ... read more

Terrorism: the EU picture

David Anderson QC examines the post-Brexit implications for national security and identifies potential fault lines for future security cooperation with the EU As jihadi... read more

Strength testing the British constitution

  Following the triggering of Art 50, Anneli Howard assesses the possible ramifications of the Supreme Court’s Miller ruling, other associated litigation and key next steps for the UK’s... read more

The Bar Council & Brexit

Information from the Brexit Working Group read more

Westminster Watch

With the formal process of disengagement about to begin, Mark Hatcher examines the challenges faced in converting a huge corpus of EU law and delivering Brexit Brexit... read more

Lawyers voice doubts over PM’s Brexit Bill

Senior lawyers, business leaders and academics urged the government to give MPs the power to block an ‘unpatriotic Brexit’ if the Prime Minister, Theresa May, does not strike a deal that is in the... read more

Citizenship initiative

The Bar Council and Citizenship Foundation have developed lessons... read more

Brexit judgment

In a historic judgment, the Supreme Court ruled, by a majority of eight to three, that the government was required to consult Parliament before triggering Art 50 and starting the UK’s withdrawal... read more