The Department for International Trade (DIT)

United Kingdom Appointments to ICSID’s Panels of Arbitrators and of Conciliators

The Department for International Trade (DIT) is seeking to appoint, pursuant to Article 13(1) of the ICSID Convention, up to four individuals to the Panel of Arbitrators and up to four individuals to the Panel of Conciliators.

Convened by the ICSID Secretariat, the Panels of Arbitrators and of Conciliators are rosters of Member States’ appointees from which individual arbitrators or conciliators can be drawn. The designees serve for a renewable term of six years (Article 15(1) of the ICSID Convention) and may be of any nationality (Article 13(1) of the ICSID Convention). Through their appointment, Panellists are made available for selection to ICSID Tribunals, Commissions or ad hoc Committees.

Further information about ICSID, the Panel of Arbitrators and of Conciliators can be found online at

Expressions of interest in the form of a CV (max. 2 pages) and cover letter (max. 1 page) should be sent to Applicants should specify whether they wish to be considered only for the Panel of Arbitrators or Panel of Conciliators or for both. Expressions of interest should clearly set out the applicant’s motivation and detail how they satisfy the core ICSID criteria set out in Article 14(1) of the ICSID Convention:

That they are persons:

• of high moral character;
• of recognised competence in the fields of law, commerce, industry or finance;

• able to exercise independent judgement.

Additionally, applicants should also evidence that they have:

• Not less than 8-10 years’ professional experience of public international law and/or private international law; knowledge and experience of international investment law and international arbitration or conciliation;

• Excellent organisational skills; prioritising, coordinating and delivering work in a timely and efficient manner.

Experience as a judge, tribunal member, arbitrator, mediator or similar role in a process of formal dispute settlement would be desirable, as well as an ability to operate professionally in either French or Spanish, in addition to English.

Applicants should provide two professional reference contacts, to be contacted in due course for written statement, as well as formally declare any potential conflicts of interest. Persons currently taking instruction from the United Kingdom or devolved governments, or any government of a Contracting Party to the ICSID Convention must declare this in their application. Potential conflicts of interest will be considered in assessing an applicants’ suitability for appointment.

Through their designation to either Panel, designees are made available for selection to Tribunals, Commissions and ad hoc Committees and applicants should confirm their understanding of the requirements on their availability, as well as willingness to travel if selected.

The closing date for applications is 19 April 2020. Applications are particularly welcome from under-represented groups. Enquiries may be directed to