Maitland Chambers


Maitland Chambers invites applications for pupillage commencing mid-September 2021. 

Successful candidates will be offered the position of a pupil barrister for a period of 12 months. Upon successful completion of pupillage, pupil barristers will be considered for offers of tenancy at Maitland Chambers.

With 26 Queen’s Counsel and 45 juniors Maitland Chambers is one of the UK’s largest commercial chancery chambers and we are consistently ranked as a leader in our field. Our core areas of practice include commercial and chancery disputes, insolvency and restructuring, company, property, fraud and asset tracing, trusts, banking and financial services, partnership and professional negligence. We are based in London and our work includes both international and domestic litigation and arbitration, as well as a significant number of cases in offshore jurisdictions.

We offer up to three 12-month pupillages for 2021-22, each carrying an award of £65,000. Pupillage is a training and learning process during which pupil barristers acquire the skills needed to practise as self-employed members of the Bar. During pupillage our pupils usually sit with four supervisors, observe a range of work undertaken by practising barristers, and participate in an in-house ethics and advocacy training programme; our pupils are not expected to practise during their second six prior to the tenancy decision. Pupillage is generally conducted in London, although pupils may be expected to accompany their supervisors to professional engagements outside London from time to time.

Every offer of pupillage is made in the hope that the pupil will proceed to tenancy, subject to their meeting an objective standard of performance which is assessed over the first 40 weeks of pupillage. It is our policy never to offer more pupillages than we are able to offer tenancies at the end of the year, nor to place pupils in competition with one another.

We accept applications from candidates who would be qualified to start pupillage in September 2021 (whether by completing the Bar Professional Training Course before then or by any other relevant qualification pathway). Save in exceptional circumstances candidates will need to have obtained, or to obtain in due course, a minimum upper second class degree or equivalent (albeit that applications can be made on predicted grades). Please note that unsuccessful applicants for pupillage may apply for a second time in a subsequent year; however, we do not accept further applications from candidates who have applied twice previously.

Our selection process aims to assess eligible candidates objectively by reference to the abilities and aptitudes which we believe to be necessary for success in our areas of practice, namely: reasoning and analytical ability, aptitude for advocacy, judgement, interpersonal skills and temperament. We recognise that these qualities can be evidenced in many different ways, and encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply. We are committed to increasing the diversity of chambers and adopt a variety of techniques to achieve that objective, while maintaining the fair treatment of all candidates. 

Applications should be made through the Pupillage Gateway (which prescribes the closing date for applications and the date by which decisions will be made). Our first and second round interviews are on the fixed dates of Wednesday 4 March and Tuesday 10 March 2020 respectively; we will endeavour to accommodate remote interviews if necessary, but we will not be able to arrange alternative dates.

Further information in relation to the selection process, and pupillage at Maitland, may be found in the Pupillage section of our website at