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Senior Crown Prosecutors

£50,519 to £61,660 + £3,150 Allowance London, £48,077 to £54,789 National

Nationwide opportunities 

Lawyers from all disciplines are being attracted to the CPS across England and Wales. And not just for the package either. (Although thae salary, benefits and pension packages are extremely good.) It’s more about the environment. The smarter working. The support. The greater level of advocacy work. The flexibility. The feeling of being part of a modern, dynamic organisation that upholds justice in society, and truly respects your role within that.

In your role you will be able to provide justice for victims and witnesses, you will have the chance to have a very real impact on society and the freedom to use your judgement. Your work will be both challenging and varied in nature involving high volumes of casework and advocacy work in serious and sensitive cases. 

You will have opportunities to develop your career further as the CPS is committed to the professional growth of all of their staff from the outset and has created clear paths of progression to support exciting careers.

Being a Prosecutor isn’t an easy option. Caseloads are challenging and days are fast paced. Sometimes there’s not a lot of prep time. But this is an open, supportive culture where you can build on your qualifications, transition your skills and progress your ambitions. We offer smart working and flexible hours, so you don’t need to make difficult choices between family and home life. You’re an important asset. We want you to feel able to give your very best to the criminal justice system.  

These are secure careers with the chance to make a difference to people’s lives. To hear our incredible stories, and see our current prosecutor opportunities, visit

Closing date: 17th June 2020.