City of London Corporation Parliamentary Affairs Counsel

Rare opportunity to undertake legislative drafting and advise on constitutional matters and public legislation

City of London Corporation
Office of the City Remembrancer
Parliamentary Affairs Counsel

This post offers the opportunity to join a small team at the heart of the City Corporation providing specialist advice on constitutional matters and on legislative proposals affecting the City of London and the activities of the City of London Corporation. The post-holder will have a key role in taking forward the City’s Private Bills, including preparing and commenting on policy proposals, drafting clauses, and assisting with their Parliamentary passage, and in analysing public bills and drafting amendments to them. There will also be opportunities to be involved in the diplomatic work of the Office. The current post-holder is leaving to take up an appointment in the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel.

The City of London Corporation traces its origins back over a thousand years. The liberties and customs of the City were confirmed by Magna Carta. Although the City Corporation has been granted many charters, it is a corporation by prescription and therefore enjoys all the legal capacities of a natural person except in so far as limited by statute or custom. Since the nineteenth century the City Corporation has also been granted certain statutory powers and become subject to statutory duties (including those of local authority for the City of London), but its unique history means that there is a continuing requirement to obtain legislation applying specifically to the City.

Today, alongside the functions it undertakes as a common law corporation, it acts as the local authority and police authority for the City of London and the port health authority for the whole of the tidal Thames. It promotes the City as a world leader in international finance and business. It supports London and the UK’s legal services sector, providing the Old Bailey and other facilities. It is a major charity and provider of education both in the State and Independent sectors, and is custodian of many open spaces in and around London.

The Remembrancer is one of the four Law Officers of the City and the City’s Parliamentary Agent and Chief of Protocol. The post holder will represent the Remembrancer at City Corporation and external meetings, liaising with internal and external contacts at all levels.

He or she will be a qualified barrister or solicitor. High quality written and oral communication skills, strengths as a team player, and good interpersonal skills are essential. In addition to Parliamentary work and legislative drafting, there will also be opportunities to participate in the work of other parts of the Office including diplomatic and protocol matters, and individual projects allocated by the Remembrancer.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Analyse and comment on the Government’s legislative proposals affecting the City and, where necessary, draft proposed amendments to Bills in liaison with relevant officers in the City Corporation and with government officials.
  • With the other City Law Officers, provide advice on constitutional and other legal issues affecting the City.
  • Research and develop policy proposals suitable for inclusion in City legislation.
  • Draft clauses for proposed Bills for consideration by the Remembrancer and provide comprehensive analysis of the precedents and legal issues relating to each item considered for inclusion in proposed Bills.
  • Prepare written submissions to Select Committees and public consultations on matters affecting the City.

Desirable Experience:

  • Providing comprehensive legal analysis.
  • Undertaking in-depth legal research and drafting.
  • Knowledge of, and interest in, Parliamentary procedure and the legislative process.
  • Understanding of, and strong interest in, constitutional matters and current affairs.
  • Interest in protocol and City customs.

The salary for this position will be similar to that available to Parliamentary Counsel, starting at up to c£60,000; more may be available for the right candidate.

To make an application, please go to the City of London Corporation website at

If you would like to discuss the post please contact Nigel Lefton on 020 7332 1028.

Closing date: Monday 16 October 2017