European Union – Freedom of movement. Article 7 of Decision No 2/76 of 20 December 1976, concluded, approved and confirmed on behalf of the Economic European Community by Council Decision (EEC) 64/732 should be interpreted as meaning that a national measure, taken during the period from 20 December 1976 to 30 November 1980, which made the grant, for the purposes of family reunification, of a residence permit to third-country nationals who were family members of a Turkish worker residing lawfully in the member state concerned, subject to such nationals obtaining, before entering national territory, a visa for the purpose of that reunification, constituted a 'new restriction' within the meaning of that provision. Such a measure could nevertheless be justified on the grounds of the effective control of immigration and the management of migratory flows, but could be accepted only provided that the detailed rules relating to its implementation did not go beyond what was necessary to achieve the objective pursued, which it was for the national court to verify. The Court of Justice of the European Union so held in a preliminary ruling in proceedings concerning the rejection by the applicant of her application for a residence permit in Germany for the purposes of family reunification.