R v Butt

Sentence – Suspended sentence. Given the totality of the circumstances, a fine of £250,000 had been too high by a margin in respect of the defendant's offences of failure to take reasonable general fire precautions to ensure that premises were safe, contrary to arts 4(1)(c), 8(1)(b) and 32(1)(a) of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, SI 2005/1541, and failure to equip premises appropriately with firefighting equipment and with fire detectors and alarms, contrary to arts 13(1)(a) and 32(1)(a) of the same order. Accordingly, the Court of Appeal, Criminal Division, quashed the fine of £250,000 and substituted a fine of £150,000, to be apportioned between the offences. The Court also considered sentencing practice for fire safety cases, as well as for sentences involving a combination of a fine and a suspended or community sentence.