William Byfield's Secret E-Diary

Secret E-Diary

Cuts to the budget are having strange effects. When I started as a young pupil I had a kind pupil master who, on days when he was out, used to send me to court with other... read more

Secret E-Diary - January 2015

Preparation is not always simplification. Barristers do go on about prep... read more

Secret E-Diary - November 2014

The Criminal Bar is no country for young people. In the unlikely event that anyone else ever wished to chronicle my headship of Gutteridge Chambers, it might be noticed... read more

Secret E-Diary - October 2014

Eerie times in the courts. I try to get in all my sitting days as a Recorder of the Crown Court in one go if I can. I quite enjoy the daily routine with no annoying clients... read more

Secret E-Diary - September 2014

Holiday plans are spoiled by a dose of reality. August is traditionally a time for holidaying, resting, recharging the batteries and cogitating. However, there is always... read more

Secret E-Diary - August 2014

Celebrating an independent judiciary. This week saw me chugging along by train out of Victoria to the southern confines of my circuit. I was covering, by part time judging... read more

Secret E-Diary - July 2014

There comes a time when each person must decide where loyalties lie. “No doubt he will pursue the case with the added bitterness of an old friend.” Oscar Wilde of Edward... read more

Secret E-Diary - June 2014

It has always been my belief that victory is harder to manage than defeat. When human minds are focused on crisis, it may bring out the best outcome possible. Victory, however, is another... read more

Secret E-Diary - May 2014

As a child I was given a short book written by the late Mr Justice Darling – a man who was known for his judicial wit, although his Spy pen-portrait bore the unkind legend “Judicial... read more

Secret E-Diary - April 2014

Battle lines are drawn My party political allegiances remained pretty constant until the day I found myself driving behind a car that had a sticker on its rear windscreen... read more