Westminster Watch

Westminster Watch - June 2011

Is anything private anymore? Charles Hale and Toby Craig investigate… Did you hear the one about the ‘luvvie actor’, ‘family man footballer’ (or possibly several of them)... read more

WestminsterWatch - May 2011

Just what does the Coalition Government stand for? Charles Hale and Toby Craig investigate… As we approach the first anniversary of the Coalition Government and the all-important alternative vote... read more

Westminster Watch - April 2011

Charles Hale and Toby Craig reflect on history and the speed of change. The laws of nature may not be challengeable. The laws of man must always be. The shocking events... read more

Westminster Watch

There’s more to life than Jazz? Charles Hale and Toby Craig consider the impression the new Lord Chancellor is making. read more

Westminster Watch

Charles Hale on electioneering, acting and performances It’s strange, isn’t it? The airwaves are buzzing with talk of how this general election could be the first genuine... read more