Westminster Watch

Westminster Watch - January 2012

What will 2012 hold both here and over the pond?  Toby Craig and Charles Hale look ahead. First and foremost, we would like to wish a very happy New Year to all of WW’s... read more

WestminsterWatch - December 2011

Toby Craig and Charles Hale review the legislative issues of 2011 and how these may unfold in the year ahead   Good tidings we bring Yes, ‘that’ time of year is approaching once again, the festive... read more

WestminsterWatch - November 2011

Toby Craig and Charles Hale give Counsel an overview of this year’s party conferences When surveying the Parliamentary terrain, particularly over the course of party conferences, there are always... read more

WestminsterWatch - October 2011

I’m ready for my close-up: Toby Craig and Charles Hale mull over cameras in courts The debate over cameras in courts has been rumbling on for about as long as that on goal-line technology in football... read more

Westminster Watch - September 2011

In the wake of the riots, Charles Hale and Toby Craig look ahead to the conference season. Preparations for the party political conferences were no doubt in place when the... read more

Westminster Watch - August 2011

A long time coming. The Government has finally published its response to its legal aid consultation -  and its Legal Aid Bill. Charles Hale and Toby Craig examine them. A... read more

Westminster Watch - July 2011

The Neverending Story. Charles Hale and Toby Craig continue to await the Government’s response on legal aid. And so, as WW goes to press, still we wait for the Government’s... read more

Westminster Watch - June 2011

Is anything private anymore? Charles Hale and Toby Craig investigate… Did you hear the one about the ‘luvvie actor’, ‘family man footballer’ (or possibly several of them)... read more

WestminsterWatch - May 2011

Just what does the Coalition Government stand for? Charles Hale and Toby Craig investigate… As we approach the first anniversary of the Coalition Government and the all-important alternative vote... read more

Westminster Watch - April 2011

Charles Hale and Toby Craig reflect on history and the speed of change. The laws of nature may not be challengeable. The laws of man must always be. The shocking events... read more