Westminster Watch

WestminsterWatch - January 2013

Winter of Discontent? Toby Craig looks at what the year ahead holds both for the country and for the Bar As the strains of Auld Lang Syne fade gently away, the stoppers on... read more

WestminsterWatch - December 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, Toby Craig and Charles Hale look back at the high (and low) lights for Counsel A year to remember At the... read more

Westminster Watch - November 2012

Toby Craig and Charles Hale review this year’s party conference season for Counsel Life imitating art Returning to our screens to satirise life in... read more

WestminsterWatch - October 2012

Toby Craig and Charles Hale analyse the recent reshuffle and its implications for the BarShuffling the deck Cecil Parkinson once observed,... read more

WestminsterWatch - September 2012

Toby Craig and Charles Hale reflect on this most golden of British summers and hand out the notice-box medals And the winner is... This summer will be... read more

WestminsterWatch - August 2012

Charles Hale and Toby Craig provide a round-up of Government debate and initiatives affecting the Bar Olympic Spirit It finally happened, the Olympics came... read more

WestminsterWatch - July 2012

A busy week, but now at least we all know how to chillax. Toby Craig and Charles Hale examine Coalition ideology, the state of the Union and judicial power... read more

WestminsterWatch - June 2012

Toby Craig and Charles Hale reflect on the results of May’s local and mayoral elections and the plans revealed by the second Queen’s Speech of the Coalition... read more

Westminister Watch - May 2012

Toby Craig and Charles Hale look forward to a new batch of bills, the London mayoral election and propose the launch of a parliamentary pin-up competition... read more

WestminsterWatch - April 2012

Big wins or hollow victories? Toby Craig and Charles Hale consider crunch time for LASPOThe business end of the Bill As the Legal Aid,... read more