Westminster Watch

Westminster Watch - September 2013

As party conference season approaches, all the political parties are jockeying for position, as Toby Craig reports Later this month, we are expecting the second legal aid... read more

Westminster Watch - August 2013

Toby Craig watches the legal aid consultation drama continue to unfold Nobody’s going on a summer holiday... read more

WestminsterWatch - July 2013

As scandal sweeps through the corridors of power again, Toby Craig surveys the political scene School for scandal Fifty years ago last month saw the... read more

WestminsterWatch - June 2013

With responses to the Ministry of Justice’s consultation paper on legal aid flowing in, Toby Craig considers the changing landscape The only game in town... read more

WestminsterWatch - May 2013

Toby Craig reflects on Lady Thatcher’s passing, cuts, cuts and more cuts and the challenges facing the criminal Bar For whom the bell tolls... A busy month... read more

Westminster Watch - April 2013

Toby Craig looks at an eventful month inside and outside the Palace of Westminster and the lessons to be learnt The Rise and the Fall What price success?... read more

WestminsterWatch - March 2013

Intrigue, scandal and everything in between. Toby Craig examines the state of play in Westminster Wedded to Europe? There are some months when churning out... read more

WestminsterWatch - February 2013

When the facts change. Toby Craig examines Coalition mid-term policies and progress Politicians are often accused of not keeping their promises. There’s a good reason for... read more

WestminsterWatch - January 2013

Winter of Discontent? Toby Craig looks at what the year ahead holds both for the country and for the Bar As the strains of Auld Lang Syne fade gently away, the stoppers on... read more

WestminsterWatch - December 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, Toby Craig and Charles Hale look back at the high (and low) lights for Counsel A year to remember At the... read more