Editorial Board’s summer books

Introducing the Counsel Editorial Board, which shares some alternative reads read more

Summer wine

Counsel wine columnists Professor Dominic Regan and Sean Jones QC celebrate some good seasonal buys – lighter on both palate and pocket There are some great bottles to be... read more

Book review: The Law of Legal Services

Editor: John GouldPublisher: Jordan Publishing 2015Hardback: £185 E book: £168 ISBN: 9781846619359 read more

Book review: Love Lose Live

By: Mary Banham-HallPublisher: Focus Mediation, February 2016320pp Paperback: £8.95ISBN: 9780993517600 read more

Review: Christmas wine

If you haven’t got a ha’penny, then God bless you As difficult times continue, Sean Jones QC and Dominic Regan scan the supermarkets for their Christmas tips for readers read more

Book review: Jeremy Hutchinson’s Case Histories

Author: Thomas Grant QCPublisher: John Murray, June 2015ISBN-13: 978-1444799736Hardback: £25.00 read more

Book review: The Rector of Pepynbridge

Author: Peter Morrell Publisher: i2i Publishing, 30 June 2015 ISBN-13: 9780993243257 Paperback Price: £8.95 read more

Book review: Criminal Appeals Handbook

Authors: Daniel Jones, Gregory Stewart, Joel Bennathan QC Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional ISBN: 9781780434636 Date: February 2015 ​Price: £50.00 read more

Book review: Criminal Judicial Review

General editor: Pier Von bergPublisher: Hart PublishingISBN: 9781849465373Date: September 2014Price: £65.00 read more

Theatre review: The Invisible

David Wurtzel reviews the latest play by renowned playwright Rebecca Lenkiewicz which was showing at the Bush Theatre The Invisible was written with the backing... read more