Payment: time for change

Duncan McCombe and Sam Roake reveal the grim reality, as a young Bar survey shows 50% of criminal juniors are working for free. Doing nothing is not an option and a solution must be found... read more

The hour calls for optimism

Vocal on the onslaught of flexible operating hours and the perennial issue of fees, Angela Rafferty QC is determined that a diverse and collegiate criminal Bar will flourish. The CBA Chair shares her... read more


As poor decision-making by authorities forces more people to turn to courts or tribunals for remedy, Jess Campbell explains the difficulties faced by LiPs read more

Roger Toulson 1946 – 2017

Mark Cannon pays tribute to Lord Toulson and his great contribution to the law In Willers v Joyce [2016] UKSC 43 & 44 Lord (Roger) Toulson said: ‘The common... read more

Mentoring on the Western Circuit

The first Circuit-based mentoring scheme for women barristers is building confidence and camaraderie. Kate Brunner QC explains what sets it apart The Bar may appear to be... read more

Common heritage

With European links under pressure, HELP is at hand to preserve shared values grounded in respect for human rights and the rule of law. Guy Vassall-Adams QC reports These... read more

The employed spectrum (2)

Counsel talks to Gifty Edila who forged an award-winning career in local government despite encountering early prejudices at the Bar Q What drew you to the Bar initially,... read more

The only way is ethics

More change is afoot in the world of money laundering. Christopher Convey explains how this affects the Bar. Will counsel assist the court? Ed Vickers QC outlines new guidance on court... read more

PUPILLAGE SPECIAL: Who supervises the supervisors?

Guy Fetherstonhaugh QC and Simon O’Toole assess the Pupillage Supervisor Network one year on and offer a view on pupillage regulation The Bar may be forgiven for thinking... read more


Upsides and flipsides: supervisors and pupils from the self-employed and employed Bar give warts-and-all accounts of their experiences of a year under very different wings   read more