Annual Bar Conference 2016: The changing landscape

Darwin calculated that the strata of the Weald of Kent would have taken 300 million years to reach their present state of erosion, so judged on its title, one might have expected ‘The... read more

Annual Bar Conference 2016: Ethical advocacy in the modern adversarial system

The session began with a description of the new ethics and advocacy regime.  read more

Annual Bar Conference 2016: Entrenching privilege?

The impact of the unregulated elements of barrister training Gemma De Cordova spoke about the opportunities available by way of the third-six route.  read more

Annual Bar Conference 2016: Generating a diverse profession

Learning from international experience According to the Bar Council, on current trends, 50:50 gender balance at the Bar is unlikely ever to happen.  read more

Annual Bar Conference 2016: Deferred prosecution agreements

A practical guide by defence and prosecution Deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs), a relatively recent addition to the UK criminal justice toolkit, allow a company which... read more

Young Bar Conference 2016: Keynote and Open Forum

In her opening address Louisa Nye, Chairman of the Young Bar, noted two key themes included within the conference: technology and Brexit.  read more

Annual Bar Conference 2016: Pro Bono award 2016

The winner of the 2016 Pro Bono Award, sponsored by the Bar Council, was announced at the conference. John Collins, of Zenith Chambers, has been at the Bar for six decades.  read more

Annual Bar Conference 2016: Keynote address

The keynote address was given by the Rt Hon Sir Ernest Ryder, Senior President of Tribunals.  read more

Annual Bar Conference 2016: Opening keynote

Chantal-Aimée Doerries QC, Chairman of the Bar In her speech at the 31st Bar & Young Bar Conference, held at the Westminster Plaza Hotel, on Saturday 15 October 2016,... read more

The QC profile

Challenging the concept of a ‘stereotypical’ QC, Peter Purvis talks to five of this year’s more diverse Silk successes, with some healthy criticism of the selection process and advice for... read more