Ringside seat

Mel Nebhrajani started out at the Bar but was soon hooked on a career where law and politics collide. Here she talks to Grania Langdon-Down about how the ‘diversity story’ should be about... read more

The only way is ethics

Minding our standards: in the first of a new column for Counsel, Andrew Walker QC outlines fresh imperatives and initiatives for barristers to enhance their knowledge of ethics in... read more

Who gets Silk 2016-17?

David Wurtzel reveals the story behind the statistics in this year’s Silk list and Abigail Bright imparts sage career advice from an expert panel of women QCs read more

Cure for all ills?

Fees are still too low, but the Bar has developed a better settlement for criminal practitioners to reward advocacy in a fairer and more transparent way. Now it’s up to the profession to... read more

Maximising mini-pupillage

No contacts, no mini-pupillage? Dr Elaine Freer examines the state of work experience at the Bar in light of recent guidance for chambers and her own research on socio-economically... read more

Legal records at risk

The Bar is in danger of losing its distinct legal heritage, warns Clare Cowling – who outlines the considerable research value to be found in chambers records read more


As the 2016-17 Silk cohort is announced, Counsel probes the appointments system with the Chairman of the Queen’s Counsel Selection Panel, Helen Pitcher OBE Q The... read more

The threat escalates

Identified as one of the four biggest threats to UK security, cyber attacks are not limited to corporate giants or election tampering. Chambers are equally at risk, as Colin Nicholls QC ... read more

Keeping in good working order

Nick Hill explains how the Institute of Barristers’ Clerks and clerking community are working with the Bar to help drive the wellbeing initiative At the Bar Conference in... read more

Uncommon counsel (2): Barts, butchers and barristers

Gregory Jones QC relays a short history of barristers’ haunt ‘Farringdon Without’. Never a place for grey-suited City workers, the ward’s past has been a radical and bloody one but in its... read more