The only way is ethics

Nicholas Goodwin QC outlines the updated witness preparation guidance from the Bar Council’s Ethics Committee, which confronts head on the ethical lines to be drawn and distills lessons for all... read more

Employed Bar Award Winners 2017

Meet the employed Bar’s crown jewels, recognised in the new Bar Council awards at the Tower of London read more

A place in your practice

As public access goes mainstream, Chris Bryden offers an insight into the merits (and pitfalls) of cutting out the middlemen read more

Decisions, decisions

Is your chambers constitution the weakest link? Advocates for corporate change, Robin Jackson, David Barnes, Catherine Calder and Nick Rees explain how to re-structure for maximum... read more

Conference call

Inclusive and interactive, this year’s main Bar event offers something a little bit different, as Rachel Spearing explains read more

Payment: time for change

Duncan McCombe and Sam Roake reveal the grim reality, as a young Bar survey shows 50% of criminal juniors are working for free. Doing nothing is not an option and a solution must be found... read more

The hour calls for optimism

Vocal on the onslaught of flexible operating hours and the perennial issue of fees, Angela Rafferty QC is determined that a diverse and collegiate criminal Bar will flourish. The CBA Chair shares her... read more


As poor decision-making by authorities forces more people to turn to courts or tribunals for remedy, Jess Campbell explains the difficulties faced by LiPs read more

Roger Toulson 1946 – 2017

Mark Cannon pays tribute to Lord Toulson and his great contribution to the law In Willers v Joyce [2016] UKSC 43 & 44 Lord (Roger) Toulson said: ‘The common... read more

Mentoring on the Western Circuit

The first Circuit-based mentoring scheme for women barristers is building confidence and camaraderie. Kate Brunner QC explains what sets it apart The Bar may appear to be... read more