Raising the Young Bar profile

Junior barristers, now more than ever, face a world which looks increasingly uncertain. Rick Hoyle, Chair of the Young Barristers’ Committee, looks at the worrying trend and what is being... read more

What do judges look like?

Recruitment of BAME judges is still slow, but diversity and community relations judges are working at grass roots to alter our judiciary’s future face, writes Jacqueline McLean... read more

My first year as an authorised entity

Jonathan Fisher QC shares his experiences after a year of practising through a BSB authorised entity and the tensions between maintaining relationships with professional referrers whilst... read more

An extraordinary day in the life of...

Sally Penni, barrister and mum of three, is trying to do things differently when out of court. Here, the Joint Vice Chair of the Association of Women Barristers and founder of Women in... read more

Immigration detention: the Bar speaks out

Amidst official inquiries, media exposes and NGO research condemning the UK’s immigration detention practices, lawyers’ accounts reveal a system riddled with injustice. Dr Anna Lindley ... read more

Advocate for an engaged profession

Acutely aware of the economic realities facing the profession, Andrew Walker QC, Chair of the Bar for 2018, talks to Mary Cowe about his plans to lead and develop the Bar during his term... read more

Zero tolerance

There must be zero tolerance on sexual harassment at the Bar, writes Andrew Langdon QC Sexual harassment must not be tolerated at the Bar, or in any other walk of... read more

Being LGBT+ at the Bar

Findings from a survey of the LGBT+ Bar make for hard reading, say Steven Vaughan and Marc Mason who outline what we know and what needs to be done As a gay... read more

A performance approach

Can adopting techniques from the acting world enhance your advocacy? Barrister-turned-actor Chan Shoker explains how performance skills can build courtroom charisma and control read more

McKenzie friend or foe?

Drawing on their recent research on fee-charging McKenzie Friends, Emma Hitchings and Leanne Smith suggest it’s time to shift the focus away from their work in the courts read more