Gender at the Bar and fair access to work (1)

Are female juniors being given fair access to the most serious, complex (and lucrative) cases? A Supreme Court same-sex litigation team study and published data suggest not, finds HHJ... read more

Inspector in chief

Kevin McGinty’s Making it Fair report exposed how deep the disclosure failures ran. Here he talks to Anthony Inglese CB about the review, his early years and own characterful path to law... read more

#TimesUp: calling it out at the Bar

Selena Plowden and Kate Brunner QC explain how all barristers, male and female, can harness the energy stemming from #MeToo, #TimesUp and #Callitout to speak out together against sexual... read more

Interview with Behind The Gown

A group of (initially) anonymous barristers took centre-stage at the height of #MeToo. Behind The Gown tells Alice de Coverley about its plans for a Bar revolution read more

Judicial conduct: when it goes wrong

Jo Delahunty QC considers transparency around complaints based on judicial behaviour and trial management; perceived judicial bullying of advocates and why much of it goes unchallenged... read more

Team dynamics: the barrister/solicitor relationship

Power shift? Grania Langdon-Down investigates the changing nature of legal relations as competition, scale of litigation, legal aid cuts and growth of in-house advocates affect how cases... read more

Paralegals & the Bar

With many able students unable to get pupillages, the Bar is getting wise to the advantages of legal assistants (with important caveats). Gerard McDermott QC explains why he employs law... read more

Flexible working flipsides

How we made flexible working work for us, by Esther Gamble read more

Reflections on the Silk round

Sir Alex Allan, Chair of the QC Selection Panel, offers advice to prospective applicants and four successful candidates from the previous round discuss their lessons learned with Peter... read more

Who judges the judges?

If a barrister experiences bullying from a judge are there remedies available? Who judges the judges and is there somewhere advocates can complain? Judith Trustman puts forward a case for... read more