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The Online Court

Lord Justice Briggs addresses the Bar on the implications arising from his civil courts review read more

WGAD & Assange

Dr Liora Lazarus looks at the status and justification of the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention’s decision on Assange The United Nations Working Group on... read more

The world post-Jogee

Dennis Kavanagh considers the Supreme Court’s judgment in Jogee – or the life and death of the doctrine of parasitic liability – and what it means for practitioners, the public and... read more

Calais: crisis of our times?

The ‘Calais refugee judgment’, an update on the Lawyers Refugee Initiative and volunteers report from the ‘Jungle’ read more

Porous borders: prosecuting at source

Catriona Murdoch makes the case for an in-country approach to tackling the illegal migration trade and reports on the challenges faced in Ethiopia Since January 2015, 1,084... read more

The Bribery Act, due diligence and DPAs

Mark Mulholland QC and Heather Phillips consider the lessons learned from the UK’s first DPA – and find that early reporting and a culture of compliance should be at the fore when the... read more

Silent witness

Could depositions be an effective tool in the fight against knife crime and the silence of gang culture, ask Narita Bahra and Sam Main Envisage a gangland murder shortly... read more

Cur Ad Vult – reserve thy judgment

Does Latin still have a place in the modern judgment? Mr Justice McCloskey considers the patterns, and challenges, of judgment-writing in the common law system The Latin... read more
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Modern slavery

Paramjit Ahluwalia examines the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and asks whether it will work to abolish today’s trade in human capital Presenting his first Abolitionist Bill to... read more
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To ease the passing?

Robin Griffith-Jones explores whether religious convictions should still play a part in the debate on assisted dying 'Oh that the Everlasting had not fixed, His canon ’... read more