Law in Practice

A good match

Bad forensic science could jeopardise the integrity of the criminal justice system, so Gill Tully and Anthony Heaton-Armstrong examine the march towards better... read more

The general election and the constitution

With government in the choppiest of political waters, can the British constitution provide a suitably stable platform? Mark Elliott analyses the implications of the general election... read more

Article 50: the trigger that never was?

With the start of Brexit negotiations drawing closer David Wolchover argues that the Prime Minister has not triggered Art 50 of the Treaty on European Union On 29 March Sir... read more

Choice of law post-Brexit

Will Brexit reduce London’s dominance as a litigation centre? Michael McParland QC examines the potential impact on use of English jurisdiction and choice of law agreements... read more

‘Uber’ising the workforce

Drivers, couriers and freelance plumbers: have the leaks in employment protection been repaired? Chris Milsom reports The inclusion in the spring Budget of a rise in tax... read more

Calling time

The law on limitation directions – a useful tool for junior litigators attempting to restore companies to the register – has finally been anchored down by the courts. Ben Harding reports... read more

Free speech and e-media

Google, Facebook, Twitter and other intermediaries increasingly face a broadly united front of protest. Is it time to regulate? asks Richard Spearman QC Under the headline... read more

Terrorism: the EU picture

David Anderson QC examines the post-Brexit implications for national security and identifies potential fault lines for future security cooperation with the EU As jihadi... read more

The illegality principle: Patel (2)

The new principle introduced by the Supreme Court to govern civil claims (other than for restitution) affected by illegality is likely to result in fewer claims being barred, argues ... read more

Court-led path to certainty

With such legal uncertainty in the financial markets, how can the courts assist? Lord Justice Briggs explains the ‘certainty principles’ slowly gaining ground and efforts to mitigate the... read more