Law in Practice

For the many, not the few

Access to the courts is a constitutional right and employment tribunal fees unlawful: Caspar Glyn QC relays the inspirational Supreme Court decision in UNISON v Lord Chancellor... read more

Finding truth but learning lessons?

Quick to establish inquiries, are we getting any better at acting on their recommendations? Tom Kark QC and Polly Dyer consider the efficacy of the modern public inquiry system... read more

Restoring confidence

Judge-led inquiries are a vital tool for accountability and politicians must set an example in this age of mass-media attack, argues Khawar Qureshi QC Anyone who wishes to... read more

The pull of Islamic finance

The fertile fields of Islamic finance and banking in Britain have a growing relationship with English contract law and ADR. By Scott Morrison Shari’a-compliant financing... read more

Women’s rights post-Brexit

Brexit is likely to do real damage to women who would be disproportionately affected by a bonfire of workers’ rights, warns Aileen McColgan EU membership has been extremely... read more

Citizens of nowhere?

Colin Yeo examines the status of EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in the EU after Brexit On 26 June 2017, over a year after the Brexit referendum result, the government finally published... read more

Calculating with Ogden

With a series of worked examples, Simon Levene guides beginners through the calculations in personal injury claims under the contentious new discount rate On 27 February... read more

Reforming JR

Richard Clayton QC figures out the statistics behind the growth in judicial review cases and impact of the government’s reform agenda read more

Ice Age of state aid law?

Andrea Biondi addresses some of the thorniest legal issues raised by a post-Brexit state-aid scenario – are the rules, principles and rights set for extinction? read more

Legislating Brexit

The sovereignty of Parliament will be subject to gruelling examination in the Brexit process and threatened by arcane powers yet could emerge enhanced, writes Lord Judge read more