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Blockchain, Bitcoin and the Bar (2)

Peter Susman QC updates his December 2017 article by trying to answer two further questions he has been asked by a number of readers read more

When the trial’s a stage

David Josse QC discusses Slobodan Praljak’s dramatic death read more

The challenge of expert evidence

Avoid the pitfalls of probabilistic reasoning and examine expert evidence with more confidence: Colin McCaul QC introduces new guidance from the Inns of Court College of Advocacy and the... read more

Catalonia, the referendum, the deposed leader and his EAW

Gemma Lindfield and Amelia Nice look behind the headlines at Spain’s extradition request of the ex-Catalan Leader and its subsequent withdrawal. Does the concept of ‘political offence’... read more

What price freedom of speech?

Democracy is undermined if we silence whistleblowing sources in the public sector, argues Lucie Wibberley, who reports on the key issues arising from the trial of prison officer Robert... read more

#MeToo & due process

#MeToo has been a powerful force for good but in the court of social media, ‘I don’t know’ could be the fairest verdict of all, writes The Secret Barrister An old... read more

EU Withdrawal Bill and judicial review: are we ready?

Angus McCullough QC considers the role of judicial review as the EU Withdrawal Bill is enacted, and after Brexit day has dawned A flash-back to 1980: the first series of... read more

LPP to have and have not

Anthony Philpott tests legal professional privilege principles against recent case law as in-house lawyers become closer to business operations In Ernest Hemmingway’s novel... read more

The adoption debate

With influential voices questioning the scale and nature of adoption in the UK, Damian Woodward-Carlton looks at the question, raised by Lord Justice McFarlane, whether the current model is the right... read more

Blockchain, Bitcoin and the Bar

Peter Susman QC provides a beginner’s guide to Blockchain and Bitcoin, and suggests the Bar has nothing to fear from such innovations read more