Law in Practice

Regulating internet surveillance

RIPA is dead, long live the IPA? As the so-called Snooper’s Charter comes into force, Tom Hickman examines the two regimes, recent case law and checks and balances on the state’s new bulk... read more

‘Best interest’ cases

As publicity and concern grow over life support and best interest cases, Rosalind English provides an overview of the courts’ approach read more

Myths and Money: Social Mobility and our Profession

By Sir Paul Jenkins KCB QC Reprinted with the kind permission of The Middle Templar (Michaelmas 2017 edition) read more

Reaching for the stars: is social mobility hitting its stride?

Unmonied and painfully shy, 14-year-old northener Louise Brandon caught the Bar bug and proved naysayers wrong. She looks back on her own experience to assess how far the Bar has come in... read more

Is social mobility dead?

What’s your view on social mobility and its vital signs at the Bar? Michael Todd QC, Leslie Thomas QC, Alice de Coverley, Daisy Mortimer, Dr Tunde Okewale MBE, Sharon Laurence and James... read more

Extraordinary day in the life of…

In today’s conflicts where combatants fight by different rules, lawyers are a great asset to any commander, writes Flight Lieutenant Modu who shares a day in her life as an RAF legal... read more

The global jury #legaltech: crowdsourcing and big court data

Crowdsourcing court decisions? Will it ever take over from the pedigree and reputation of the Bar? By Simon Gittins read more

Disclosure in criminal cases: it’s not rocket science

Richard Hearnden argues that the recent controversy around social media disclosure failures in criminal cases can be solved by going back to basics read more

Public trust and confidence: it’s good to talk

In the aftermath of recent disclosure failures, John Warboys release and the case of Poppi Worthington, being able to talk openly is absolutely critical if we are to repair confidence in... read more

Criminal finances & tax evasion: crackdown on corruption

With events such as the Paradise Papers increasing pressure on government to deal with tax evasion, and bodies corporate on the cusp of prosecution, Anthony Eskander explains what’s in... read more