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Blogger profile: Pink Tape

In the second interview in this Counsel series, Melissa Coutinho speaks to family law blogger, Lucy Reed Lucy Reed is the creator of Pink Tape, a blog started in... read more

Distorting justice?

In April, the Government introduced charges into the criminal courts. These charges have proved controversial and there are calls for an urgent review. The Chairman of the Bar, Alistair... read more

Criminal courts charge: A magistrate’s view

Bob Hutchinson, who recently resigned after serving for 11 years as a magistrate, outlines the impact of CCCs on magistrates’ discretion and judicial fairness In April this... read more

Passing the parcel of the refugee crisis

The Dublin system determines that asylum applications in the EU must be made in the country into which the asylum seeker first arrives. The Syrian refugee crisis exposes the system as not... read more

Criminal courts charge: The Howard League for Penal Reform

The Howard League for Penal Reform is campaigning for an immediate review of the criminal courts charge. Here its director of campaigns, Andrew Neilson, explains why A man... read more

Joined up justice

Following the first conviction under the new law, Neelam Sarkaria and Detective Chief Superintendent Gerry Campbell ask whether legislation alone can eradicate the evil of forced marriage... read more

A Helping Hand

The HELP Programme (the European Programme for Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals) supports the Council of Europe member states in implementing the European Convention on... read more

A traditional approach?

Following the Supreme Court’s decision in Arnold v Britton, are the courts returning to a more traditional approach to the construction of contracts, asks Benjamin Pilling QC... read more

A vital role to play

Michael Jones outlines the highlights of The Advocate’s Gateway International Conference on addressing vulnerability in the justice system As a family practitioner all too... read more

Lessons to be learned

The Harris Review report reveals some harrowing truths about life for young people in prison, as Stephen Cragg QC reports, with comment from Frances Crook At the beginning... read more