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Getting it right

Instead of building on the rights recognised under our constitution and in our history, the Human Rights Act of 1998 side-lined them by importing wholesale into our courts the case law of... read more

A changed landscape

As Rebecca Wilkie steps down as Chief Executive of the Bar Pro Bono Unit, she reflects upon her time there, the Unit’s development and the changed pro bono landscape Eight... read more

Fashionable again

The Charter, its background, popular misconceptions and its current popularity – Robin Griffith-Jones and Mark Hill QC on Magna Carta, religion and the rule of law “Magna... read more

Clear direction

Cross-examination of the vulnerable witness in R v FA: the Court of Appeal takes the ground rules approach and shows what direction such hearings must take, writes Penny Cooper... read more

Passing the buck

Michael Zander QC considers the Justice Committee’s Report on the Criminal Cases Review Commission The House of Commons Justice Select Committee’s report on the Criminal... read more
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Friends or foes?

Aaron Wood considers whether the emergence of trade mark and patent litigators and advocates will help or hinder the IP Bar The Bar is well accustomed to the challenge of... read more
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FGM: prosecution and prevention

Nkumbe Ekaney QC and Charlotte Proudman examine the impact of the first FGM case litigated in care proceedings A study by Equality Now and City University estimated that... read more
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Safeguarding liberty

The heavily criticised Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards are under review. Tim Spencer-Lane and Horatio Waller outline the key areas of debate The Law Commission is... read more

50 years of making better law

Paul Jarvis commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Law Commission, with a particular eye on its efforts to codify the criminal law 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the... read more

Illegality in Context

Sheryn Omeri on the recent decision in Hounga v Allen. In the recent Supreme Court decision in Hounga v Allen, the claimant, Miss Hounga, had arrived in the UK on a... read more