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EU REFERENDUM SPECIAL: A relationship study

Evanna Fruithof sets the context to the referendum debate with a retrospective and prospective analysis of the UK-EU relationship In January 1973, with the entry into force... read more
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EU REFERENDUM SPECIAL: A substantial and binding reform

Professor Sir Alan Dashwood QC assesses the substance and legal character of the reform package negotiated for the UK with the EU This article examines the ‘new settlement... read more

EU REFERENDUM SPECIAL: The EU debate: in or out?

Rhodri Thompson QC presents the case for the UK remaining in the EU & Martin Howe QC presents the case for the UK leaving the EU THE IN ARGUMENT:  read more
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Rebalancing the scales of justice

Obtaining good quality witness testimony in historic sex cases is essential for vulnerable witnesses and suspects alike, say Pamela Radcliffe and Gisli H. Gudjonsson The... read more
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Jogee loose ends

David Ormerod and Karl Laird examine where secondary liability and joint enterprise stand in law after Jogee The decision of the Supreme Court and Privy Council in R v... read more

Responding to terrorism

David Anderson QC reflects on his role as the UK’s Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation and outlines how the law is being used to tackle terrorist threats When I... read more

The Online Court

Lord Justice Briggs addresses the Bar on the implications arising from his civil courts review read more

WGAD & Assange

Dr Liora Lazarus looks at the status and justification of the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention’s decision on Assange The United Nations Working Group on... read more

The world post-Jogee

Dennis Kavanagh considers the Supreme Court’s judgment in Jogee – or the life and death of the doctrine of parasitic liability – and what it means for practitioners, the public and... read more

Calais: crisis of our times?

The ‘Calais refugee judgment’, an update on the Lawyers Refugee Initiative and volunteers report from the ‘Jungle’ read more