Law in Practice

Brave new world

How will losing passporting rights affect the UK’s financial services sector? Saima Hanif argues that the equivalence regime is not a satisfactory alternative As the... read more

The ‘radical’ challenge

When does the state have the right to interfere in family life on the basis of radical views held by family members? Damian Woodward-Carlton reports on the inherent difficulties arising... read more

Truth and justice

Arguably the most serious miscarriage of justice of our times – lessons must be learned from the iconic Hillsborough proceedings, writes Pete Weatherby QC Hillsborough is... read more

The aged accused

Is it ever too late to prosecute historic allegations? Richard Jory QC and Sam Jones consider whether it’s time for a rethink On 14 June 2016, the resident judge at Exeter... read more

Sir Bernard Eder


Times are changing

Forty-six years since the Equal Pay Act 1970, the gender pay gap persists despite years of litigation. The impending regulations have come at an important time, says Daphne Romney QC... read more

The CPS chief

With a string of historic sex abuse cases attracting unparalleled public scrutiny, it’s been a high-profile three years. Anthony Inglese meets DPP Alison Saunders to discuss decision-... read more

Learning the arbitration art

International arbitration provides a wealth of challenges and opportunities for the junior barrister, writes Josephine Higgs International arbitration forms a substantial... read more

Sir David Steel


Ups and downs

Mark Smith explains how the ‘mortgage tracker loans case’, a direct access group action, made novel use of crowdfunding and BARCO Widely trailed in the broadsheets as the... read more