Law in Practice

Wilful neglect

With a disturbing rise in deaths due to poor care, abuse or neglect in hospitals and care homes, Zia Akhtar examines the impact of the new criminal offence of wilful neglect. Will it... read more

Balance of power

‘Shifting powers’ and an ‘unfair, hostile and resource-driven’ climate are sidelining the needs of vulnerable defendants and witnesses, the ICCA’s ambitious inaugural conference heard. ... read more

Miller and the duties of the LC

Sir Jeffrey Jowell QC asks whether the Lord Chancellor should have acted to stem the misleading and inflammatory media allegations which continue in the wake of the Miller case... read more

Seed-funding justice

A call for views: Justin Fenwick QC explains how a properly thought-out contingency legal aid fund on a not-for-profit basis could fit into the new landscape of litigation funding... read more

Criminal finances

Jonathan Fisher QC briefs readers on the most radical overhaul of law on criminal property since the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 The Criminal Finances Bill is currently... read more

Uncommon counsel (1): Barristers and the City

Last year, a local issue awoke the Bar’s interest in the City of London. Gregory Jones QC urges barristers to dust off their voting rights and reclaim their voice in the City – on the... read more

Live links in the Crown court

Richard Hearnden sets out the case for greater use of cheaper, off-the-shelf systems in the Crown court without recourse to changes in the law The publication of ... read more

Brexit’s Gordian Knot

Deciding how we Brexit is not within the government's gift, argues Dominic Grieve QC MP. No Parliament worth its name can abandon input into the biggest and most complex constitutional change in... read more

Sexual history evidence: fair game?

Ali Naseem Bajwa QC and Eva Niculiu examine the issues raised by use of the complainant’s sexual history in the Ched Evans rape retrial On the night of 29-30 May 2011, a... read more

Brexit in court

Professor Michael Zander QC assesses the High Court decision and predicts the government is likely to lose its appeal to the Supreme Court Asked on the day for a first... read more