Prisoners of the State

John RWD Jones and Dr Misa Zgonec-Rozej discuss the UN asset-freezing regime which recently came under the scrutiny of the Supreme Court. The first case heard by the... read more

War Crimes & Judge-Only Trials

Mr Justice Fulford believes that trial by jury would cause insurmountable practical problems in administering justice. The most effective means of delivering international... read more

Weighing Up the Evidence

Joseph Holmes argues the case for trial by jury in international criminal trials. The objective of international criminal justice is, backed by the weight of global... read more

Broadening Horizons

Oliver Doherty, who attended the 2009 annual Salzburg Summer School on international criminal law, commends the course to students and junior practitioners alike. At the... read more

Breaking Down Chinese walls

Adrian Hughes QC and Steven Thompson discuss the Bar Council’s engagement with China’s rapidly developing legal market. Change in China has been rapid and extraordinary... read more

Crossing Borders

Max Hardy reports on the UK’s participation in the 2009 International Moot Court. It sometimes seems that what lawyers contribute to the proper functioning of society is... read more

Forced Labour

James Ewins, the Field Office Director of IJM in Bangalore, explains how he is using his legal experience and skills gained at the family Bar to his advantage in freeing slaves in India... read more

Creative Thinking

What happens when the judiciary in young democracies seeks to apply result-orientated judgments to the emotional evaluation of a particular case? South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal... read more

The Road To Death Row

Sam Clyndes, who worked as an intern at the Mississippi Office of Capital Defense Counsel, highlights the problems facing defendants in death-penalty cases. What is the... read more

Taking a Stand

Sappho Dias sends a clear message to the judges purporting to try Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. read more