Supporting the legal profession

Alex Glassbrook reports on the Advocacy Training Council’s work in Zimbabwe and finds encouraging signs of judicial independence, an active Law Society and a reinvigorated Bar.... read more

A tool for change

Charlotte Proudman reviews her recent legal placement in Israel and demonstrates how litigation is being used strategically to bring about change. Last summer I took a... read more

Legislation Drafting in Rwanda

The atrocities committed during the Rwandan genocide left lasting psychological scars on the majority of its survivors, making the drafting of its mental health legislation all the more... read more

The Genocide Trial of Rios Montt

Illari Aragón Noriega and Daniel Carey on the trial’s significance and the challenges faced by those seeking justice in Guatemala. The trial and conviction of Efrain Rios... read more

The US Prison Rethink

Dexter Dias QC examines the lessons the UK can learn from US mass incarceration and prison education. The cull, when it finally came, was brutal. With a single stroke of... read more

Death in Dhaka

John Cammegh examines how the Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal failed a nation There is a sense of foreboding in Bangladesh: in January the country will go to the... read more

Ten years of successful litigation at the European Court of Human Rights

Bill Bowring explains the work and history of the European Human Rights Advocacy Centre and encourages a new generation  of barristers to get involved The European Human... read more

Tapping Asia's growth

James Potts looks at the growing opportunities for barristers in the Far East and reports on the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators’ International Arbitration Conference, held earlier... read more

Give and take

Joy Adeniran on how she was able both to help and to learn during her internship at the Women’s Legal Centre in Cape Town Last June, I was selected to undertake the City... read more

Legal study during the Libyan revolution ... a personal account

Libyan law student, Aya Rida Luheshi gives an eye witness account of events leading up to the revolution in 2012, the subsequent overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi and the emergence of the new... read more