A country in transition

Jonathan Fisher QC and Anita Clifford discuss their recent experiences in Albania where they led a workshop on the challenges presented by tax evasion and money laundering in a... read more

False dawn?

As momentum builds towards reform, the Indian Supreme Court will soon rule on whether foreign lawyers have the right to practise in India. Ekwall Singh Tiwana outlines the long-running... read more

Trump’s dance with the law

US President-Elect Trump may have four Supreme Court vacancies to fill in the next four years – James D Zirin examines the history of the court’s politicisation, some surprising picks and... read more

Court of last resort

As South Africa announces plans to withdraw from the International Criminal Court, Christina Warner looks at the court’s breakthrough cases and new focus on children in conflict, amid... read more

Unclogging the court

Brexit provides new context for the UK’s role in the Council of Bar and Law Societies of Europe – particularly its scrutiny of the European Court of Human Rights’ excessive caseload, as ... read more

Raising the bar

‘Innovation and global opportunity’ – this year’s Bar Conference theme – should prompt barristers in every field to reassess the way they work, explains Gerard McDermott QC... read more

Building relations in Cyprus

Pavlos Panayi QC outlines the highlights of the first joint conference of the Bar Council of England and Wales and the Cyprus Bar Association and emphasises the striking similarities between... read more

The world is your oyster

You too can create a pearl of an international practice – as the world limbers up for Rio 2016, Frederico Singarajah explains how he forged links with the Brazilian jurisdiction... read more

An ongoing struggle

Tahir Elçi, President of the Diyarbakir Bar Association, was fatally shot during a press conference in 2015. Rupert Wheeler and Tony Fisher honour his work and report on the struggle for... read more

Guilty pleas at the ICC

Should guilty pleas be entertained by the ICC and, more controversially, should they be sought in the first place? Sheryn Omeri looks at the arguments for and against, in the context of... read more