Theatre Review: My Country Right or Wrong by Nigel Pascoe QC

A dramatic examination of how the UK went to war with Iraq, and its aftermath, including the tragic death of Dr David Kelly ​Parliament Chamber, Inner Temple, 24 March 2017... read more

Book review: Criminal, The Truth About Why People Do Bad Things

Tom Gash (Penguin, March 2017) ​Paperback 352pp ISBN 978-0241960431 A key insight into this book is that the author is a former management consultant, who describes himself... read more

Book review: The Apocalypse Fire (Ava Curzon Series)

Dominic Selwood (Corax, October 2016) Paperback 384pp ISBN 978-0992633271 This is the second in a trilogy of well-researched, historical, religious thrillers featuring... read more

Secret E-Diary

Our market may be wider than we think We are having another one of our soul-searching exercises in Chambers.  read more

Standby letters of credit, the “fraud” exception and commercial certainty – English law orthodoxy challenged

Recent cases have highlighted perceived problems caused by the largely unfettered availability of calls on standby letters of credit or performance bonds in circumstances where the... read more

Pro Bono Watch

An update from the Pro Bono Unit on its fundraising initiatives and cases requiring counsel across Circuits read more

Westminster Watch

Another nice mess the PM has gotten Westminster into: Mark Hatcher examines the intense programme designed to deliver Brexit and other Bills of note to the Bar read more

Secret E-Diary

The foolish re-introduction of an already silly idea Like a film noire... I remembered strange wraith-like creatures, resembling my colleagues, entering a Crown... read more

AI: threat or benefit?

Melissa Coutinho explores the impact of AI on legal practice read more

Summer wine 2017

Counsel’s wine critics Seán Jones QC and Dominic Regan with their pick of the summer season read more