Westminster Watch

As if Brexit wasn’t enough to contend with, Westminster has been mired in sexual harassment allegations. Mark Hatcher examines the brittle, back-foot state of affairs read more
Rick Riordan

Secret E-Diary

An old favourite bites the dust read more

Inquilab: the last words

70 years ago India obtained her independence but the road to freedom was littered with untold horrors. Paramjit Ahluwalia delves into the British archives to liberate the last words of freedom... read more

Bringing ISIL to justice

A vital step in establishing accountability for war crimes in Iraq but with inevitable tensions ahead: Kevin Dent and Serena Gates examine the workability of UN Security Council Resolution 2379 read more

Holding the powerful to account

A day in the life of Ugandan lawyer Lora Atim, working in Gulu to protect widows and orphans from land grabbing and end impunity for violence against the poor read more

Secret E-Diary

Silk interviews are here again read more

Rise of the lawbots

While the courtroom is still the preserve of the human advocate, lawbots are shuffling into legal services elsewhere. Rupert Jones puts the market leaders to the test read more

Absolute future

The future for a re-imagined Bar is bright, say Absolute Barrister founders Simon and Katy Gittins. They talk technology, fixed fees and family life with Aoife Drudy read more

Hype v Reality

Professor Katie Atkinson offers a reality check on legal tech: what’s workable now and on the horizon? read more

Bar course shake-up

David Wurtzel asks Derek Wood CBE QC the million dollar question: will the Inns re-enter the law school market and offer a cheaper and ‘radically innovative’ BPTC? read more