Paralegals & the Bar

With many able students unable to get pupillages, the Bar is getting wise to the advantages of legal assistants (with important caveats). Gerard McDermott QC explains why he employs law... read more

Flexible working flipsides

How we made flexible working work for us, by Esther Gamble read more

Reflections on the Silk round

Sir Alex Allan, Chair of the QC Selection Panel, offers advice to prospective applicants and four successful candidates from the previous round discuss their lessons learned with Peter... read more

Who judges the judges?

If a barrister experiences bullying from a judge are there remedies available? Who judges the judges and is there somewhere advocates can complain? Judith Trustman puts forward a case for... read more

An extraordinary day in the life of…

If Kim Hollis QC thought her first year as DPP for the British Virgin Islands was an adventure, Hurricanes Irma and Maria swept away not only her house, but the Islands’ prisons and entire criminal... read more

Disclosure in criminal cases: it’s not rocket science

Richard Hearnden argues that the recent controversy around social media disclosure failures in criminal cases can be solved by going back to basics read more

Public trust and confidence: it’s good to talk

In the aftermath of recent disclosure failures, John Warboys release and the case of Poppi Worthington, being able to talk openly is absolutely critical if we are to repair confidence in... read more

Criminal finances & tax evasion: crackdown on corruption

With events such as the Paradise Papers increasing pressure on government to deal with tax evasion, and bodies corporate on the cusp of prosecution, Anthony Eskander explains what’s in... read more

Blockchain, Bitcoin and the Bar (2)

Peter Susman QC updates his December 2017 article by trying to answer two further questions he has been asked by a number of readers read more

When the trial’s a stage

David Josse QC discusses Slobodan Praljak’s dramatic death read more