What do judges look like?

Recruitment of BAME judges is still slow, but diversity and community relations judges are working at grass roots to alter our judiciary’s future face, writes Jacqueline McLean... read more

My first year as an authorised entity

Jonathan Fisher QC shares his experiences after a year of practising through a BSB authorised entity and the tensions between maintaining relationships with professional referrers whilst... read more

An extraordinary day in the life of...

Sally Penni, barrister and mum of three, is trying to do things differently when out of court. Here, the Joint Vice Chair of the Association of Women Barristers and founder of Women in... read more

Immigration detention: the Bar speaks out

Amidst official inquiries, media exposes and NGO research condemning the UK’s immigration detention practices, lawyers’ accounts reveal a system riddled with injustice. Dr Anna Lindley ... read more

The challenge of expert evidence

Avoid the pitfalls of probabilistic reasoning and examine expert evidence with more confidence: Colin McCaul QC introduces new guidance from the Inns of Court College of Advocacy and the... read more

Catalonia, the referendum, the deposed leader and his EAW

Gemma Lindfield and Amelia Nice look behind the headlines at Spain’s extradition request of the ex-Catalan Leader and its subsequent withdrawal. Does the concept of ‘political offence’... read more

What price freedom of speech?

Democracy is undermined if we silence whistleblowing sources in the public sector, argues Lucie Wibberley, who reports on the key issues arising from the trial of prison officer Robert... read more

Book review: Walden of Bermondsey

Peter Murphy Foreword by His Honour Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC, The Recorder of London Publisher: No Exit Press, November 2017 Format: Paperback Extent: 416pp ISBN: 9780857301222 read more

Secret E-Diary

We all need direction sometimes Every year it seems to come around again with increasing speed.  read more

Westminster Watch

As the new year beckons, Mark Hatcher takes a timely look back over 2017 for clues as to what might happen in the village of Westminster over the coming year read more