Free will? Ilott v Mitson one year on

Has Ilott v Mitson righted the wrongs of the past? One year on, Oliver Ingham assesses the impact of a headline-making decision read more

Book review: Stories of the Law and How It’s Broken by The Secret Barrister

Publisher: Macmillan (March 2018) Format: Hardcover (384pp); eBook; audio book ISBN: 978-1509841103 RRP: £16.99 read more

Barrister’s best…

Best books, favourite films, top tracks and an essential: Counsel invites barristers to share their cultural influences. In this issue, we talk... read more

Secret E-Diary

"I don’t pay good wages because I have a lot of money; I have a lot of money because I pay good wages." – Robert Bosch read more

Unintended consequences

It isn’t only big policy decisions that have unintended consequences; Rawdon Crozier explains how a well-intentioned and principled change in public policy killed the Lease Conference... read more

Gender at the Bar and fair access to work (2)

Part 2 of HHJ Emma Nott’s analysis turns to the top 500 criminal legal aid fee earners. How do the earnings of female advocates compare to their male counterparts? read more

Regulating internet surveillance

RIPA is dead, long live the IPA? As the so-called Snooper’s Charter comes into force, Tom Hickman examines the two regimes, recent case law and checks and balances on the state’s new bulk... read more

‘Best interest’ cases

As publicity and concern grow over life support and best interest cases, Rosalind English provides an overview of the courts’ approach read more

Who governs the Internet?

Subjecting tech colossi to the rule of law while defending expressive freedoms online is a formidable task legislators have barely begun – but post-Cambridge Analytica change is in the... read more

A Happy International Women’s Day in Suffragette City

The first female president of the Supreme Court, Baroness Hale, a former member of the Northern Circuit, was the 2018 Women in The Law UK (WITLUK) guest speaker at the WITLUK annual dinner in... read more