Pro bono: in good health?

Pro bono is good for all. Amanda Finlay shines a light on some innovative examples, from ‘social prescribing’ of legal advice to educational outreach read more

The only way is ethics

Nicholas Goodwin QC outlines the updated witness preparation guidance from the Bar Council’s Ethics Committee, which confronts head on the ethical lines to be drawn and distills lessons for all... read more

Westminster Watch

Mark Hatcher reports on the parallel universe of the party conferences – is the writing off the wall for the Tories as Labour appears to steal a march on legal aid? read more

Race for justice

Peter Herbert OBE offers a personal perspective on three decades of racial inequality. The Lammy Review published in September makes shocking reading, but will it make a difference? he asks... read more

Legacy of empire

The unequal administration of justice in Australia is hardly ancient history and goes a significant way to explaining the overrepresentation of Aboriginal Australians in custody today, writes... read more

Secret E-Diary

The question is who, not what, we are waiting for read more

Criminal or casualty?

Marine A is a salutary lesson on the pressures of modern warfare and those acting for service personnel, say Shaun Esprit and Jo Morris read more

Better case management

Two years on, how have collective efforts to make every court hearing count evolved? Peter Hungerford-Welch summarises the procedural changes and the message from case law read more

The common good

In today's fragmented society, we need to talk about shared values: a Temple project is hoping to do just that and taking up the Magna/Mini Carta community challenge. By Mark Hatcher... read more

ECJ status post-Brexit

Will the UK need to keep an eye on ECJ rulings after withdrawal? Rhodri Thompson QC examines the practical and political difficulties read more